Project Graduation is a program for high school seniors in the United States that organizes supervised and substance-free activities on graduation night. The event is sponsored by community leaders as an alternative to student-driven events that often involve unrestricted access to drugs or alcohol. The inaugural event was held in Oxford Hills, Maine after seven drug- or alcohol-related deaths occurred during the 1980 commencement season and has spread across the country to many other communities, including Denham Springs.

At Community Management, we’re proud to partner with Denham Springs High School and other local businesses to make this event possible for the young adults in our neighborhood. This elaborate event allows our local seniors to enjoy their graduation night in a safe environment, and the chance to win some fantastic prizes donated by our sponsors.

Suffering through addiction to drugs or alcohol isn’t easy, and every year over 20 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of substance use disorder. Our goal is to show the seniors of Denham Springs that there are healthy alternatives that are equally as fun and engaging, without an altered mindset.

Project Graduation events occur every year at Denham Springs High School, and you can help in 2023 by donating to the cause! Contact Denham Springs High School to volunteer, sponsor, or donate to Project Graduation.

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