Many homeowners prefer to live in an HOA community because of the many privileges and perks. Homeowners associations are typically governed by a community management firm in order to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Community Management LLC is the first-choice for homeowners associations in Louisiana to take care of their properties and neighborhoods with the utmost care and financial responsibility. Here are 6 benefits you’ll find while working with an HOA paired with a community management firm:

There Is Less Work for the Homeowners/Renters

Community Management oversees all the nuances of a property, so there is less work and burden on the residents and the volunteers who serve the HOA. Community Management can take care of everything from maintaining lawns and common areas to providing new roofs, painting the exterior of a building, providing trash service and even securing the property during a storm.

Residents Enjoy More Perks

Many properties managed by a professional company like Community Management offer more perks for residents than those without management. Recreational amenities could include a community center, swimming pool, tennis or basketball courts, a fitness center, walking trails, grassy common areas and parks.

The Community is More Attractive 

Communities governed under an HOA with a professional management company are typically more attractive than those without. Homeowners better maintain their houses and their lawn. Cars cannot be parked in the front lawn, clothes cannot be left to dry on the front porch, and the color scheme of the houses is coordinated. As a result, there’s a stronger sense of community pride.

The Management Deals With Problems, Not the Resident

In a community where a professional company is in charge, the third-party handles the difficult and cumbersome issues facing the property or community. If you have a rowdy neighbor, find that the pool has been trashed, or someone’s dog is barking all night, the management handles the issue, not the resident!

There Is a Stronger Sense of Community

A professional HOA manager from Community Management eliminates the gray area and helps their community by providing knowledge and expertise. Informed communities are more involved and closer with their neighbors. Community Management can send out newsletters on your HOA’s behalf, run meetings and handle communication between two disputing neighbors.

Property Values Are Better

Studies have shown that home and property values are more likely to remain higher in a community where the HOA is professionally managed as opposed to those communities without professional management. A community that is kept clean, fresh and compliant with HOA rules promotes pride and fosters the overall health and success of a community.

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